Priorities & Activities

Critical Issues Facing ALTA

The overarching objective of ALTA is to build a strong organization which meets the needs of all its members. ALTA purpots to do this by engaging in the following activities.

  • Developing standards for African language instruction.
  • Development of language teaching materials that are in tandem with current practices of language teaching.
  • Disseminate quality African language instructional materials in the USA.
  • Provide guidelines for teacher training and in service training.
  • Facilitate collaborative ventures among African language teaching professionals.
  • Promote research in African language teaching/learning and second language acquisition.
  • Offer guidelines on language program building and administration.
  • Promote linkages with colleagues at African institutions working on & teaching African languages.
  • Support the summer intensive African language institutes (SCALI).
  • Coordinate and facilitate efforts involving Study Abroad programs geared towards African languages.


ALTA carries out its mission through the Executive Board and Committees working under specific Language Working Groups . Language Working groups are formed to carry out specific duties to meet target needs of a language, language group or areally related languages. The following is a list of current Language Working Groups and their heads.

Language Working Groups


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